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    Suit, part 2

    Maybe it's the vigilante's
    trick to confuse
    the criminal.

    Suit, part 1

    It may looked weird
    for anyone,
    to wear a suit like this.

    Worrier, part 6

    Do you prefer to become a worrier
    or a warrior?
    Please choose to lead.

    Worrier, part 5

    It is now the time for the good guys
    to come out of the hiding,
    and don the leadership mantle.

    Worrier, part 4

    Bad perceptions can be re-branded,
    government transformed,
    and spoiled children grew up.
    The then spoiled brats are now louder,
    cunningly deceiving more than ever,
    and became leaders.
    Ironically, the outlaw is now the law.

    Worrier, part 3

    A man's first charity should be to his own family, if poor
    (in this case, poor of moral values).
    I reckon it's one hell of a charity can be done
    (with that cane, for sure).
    Spare the cane and spoil the child,
    it's uncivilized to cane, isn't it?

    Worrier, part 2

    Well, a real warrior should know
    one or two things about discipline.
    Without it, they are just thugs.

    Worrier, part 1

    Today people are modern, as seen in their lifestyle.
    But in some parts, their barbaric nature emerged.
    They claimed to be the modern day warriors,
    or so they thought.